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for PC Computer, Windows XP / 7 / 8

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Download Mobogenie, a software that helps you manage the content on your Android Phone. Mobogenie is a program that will synchronize your Android phone with your PC, giving you instant access to all of the files on your phone. You'll find Mobogenie's interface to be very intuitive. Through it, you'll be able to easily browse and manage the files, contacts, apps and text messages on your phone. It also has a stylish look to it. In the upper side of Mobogenie's interface you'll find buttons that'll help you find games, ringtones, apps and wallpapers for your phone online. On the left side, you'll find the content on your phone. Here's where you can manage everything from contacts to pictures, video and audio files.

Another great feature of Mobogenie is the data backup. If you have important contacts, text messages or anything else on your smartphone, you want to use Mobogenie to back it up on your PC. This way, if something happens to your phone or data, you can restore it as soon as you sync your phone with your PC. Or maybe you want to transfer all of this information to a second phone. This feature's good for that as well.

So download Mobogenie to manage your phone, and transfer, backup and restore files. Mobogenie is an essential tool for anyone who owns an Android phone and a PC. It can save all the data on your phone, or help you get more of it.

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Developer: Mobogenie

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Operating System: Microsoft Windows / Android
Disk Space: 30 MB